At one with nature

The south west region is Norway in miniature with all of what the rest of the country has to offer.

An impressive coastline. The coastal lowlands. The fjords. The clean waters. The fish in the sea and the beautiful beaches.

The dramatic and wildly beautiful mountains. Deep valleys, soaring peeks and sheer drops.

This is the Eldorado for the hiker or the mountaineer.


We offer guided excursions in this beautiful wild and unspoilt nature. 

As a hiker we will find you varied and exiting routes in abundance that one can experience safely and enjoy peace and tranquillity.  Alternatively, you can push the limits of your experience.

If you are a mountain climber or feel the need to explore, you aspirations can be fulfilled. 

Your guide will take you to exiting new heights and always in harmony with nature.

We offer a full range of activities from beginners to the very experienced and further to the possibility of advanced climbing.

All seasons availability.

Tore Sunde-Rasmussen, 7-summit-climber will be the head guide on  most events.


Irrespective of ambitions, skills and conditions:

You will always find an offer that suits you.

Most of the tours are led by Tore Sunde-Rasmussen.

Tore has summited Mount Everest and the highest mountain in all the world's seven continents. The 7-Summits.

Merit list so far looks like this:

1994 Aconcagua 6959m.  S.America

1996 Mount Everest 8848. Asia. Tibet

1999 Shishapangma 8050m Tibet

1999 Cho Oyu 8201. Tibet

2000 Shishapangma 8050m Tibet

2003 Cho Oyu 8201m. Tibet

2005 Mount Everest 8848m Asia.Tibet

2006 Kilimanjaro 5995m Africa

2007 Carstensz Pyramide 4884m. Oceania

2008 Denali/Mc.Kinley 6194m. N.America

2008 Elbrus 5642m Europe

2008 Kilimanjaro 5995m Africa

2008 Mt. Vinson 4897m Antarctica

2009 Kusciuszko 2228m. Australia

2009 Ama Dablam 6856m. Nepal

2010 Mount Everest 8848. Asia . Nepal