Tore Sunde-Rasmussen


Everest Conqueror


Grøne Bråden 29

4370 Egersund


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This is a website for Tore Sunde-Rasmussen.

About what he is doing and what he has done.

Tore has a love for nature and tries to fulfill some of his dreams in life. 

So far he has been successful. 

He is the oldest scandinavian who has been on the top of Mount Everest 8848m. the highest mountain in the world. He is also, so far, the 5. person in Norway who has completed all the 7-summits.  The  highest mountain  in all the worlds seven continents. In addition to this  he also scaled Mt. Kusciuszko, the highest top in Australia, to add this one as no. 8 to his list.     

Mount Everest 2010

On the 17. of May at 10.00 am, Tore Summited Mt.Everest for his second time. With this summiting:

- he was the first Norwegian who has       summited Everest two times

- he was the first Norwegian to summit both from north and south.

-he was the oldest Norwegian and scandinavian who has summited Everest.


In this expedition he was assistant leader. And was also teamleader on the first team who summited. The mainleader, and leader of the 2. team, was Robert Anderson,USA.The expedition is arranged by JAGGED GLOBE UK.

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Tore holds lectures about motivation and how to reach and fulfill ones dreams and goals. 

The lectures can be held for companies, organisations,  kick-offs, etc.  He uses his own experience from the mountains together with amazing pictures showing his climbing all over the world.  


Tore is is graded 5. Dan (5.grade of black-belt) in Kyokushin Karate. His karatetitle is Shihan.  He has been practising karate for aprox. 40

years,  and is also member of the Norwegian Black-belt grading committee. Tore is Branch Chief for Shin- Kyokushin in Norway.



He welcomes people from all over the world to be guided in the Norwegian nature.

He offer a full range of activities from beginners to the very experienced and further to the possibility of advanced climbing.

He is also Guiding for Jagged Globe UK.e.q. Kilimanjaro.-

Tore is close working to Jagged Globe in UK. Jagged Globe is the world leading expedition company with expeditions all over the world.